• Photoshop Blend Modes - Part 3

    Photoshop Blend Modes – Part 3

    Soft Light Soft Light is the one blend mode I read most nonsense about. Part of this may be due to the fact that vendors define the method differently, get quoted incorrectly and thus add to the confusion. Alas, I couldn’t find explanations for their particular choices, so I can only show what I figured […]

  • Photoshop Blend Modes - Part 2

    Photoshop Blend Modes – Part 2

    I already introduced the blend modes Multiplication, Linear Dodge, Linear Burn and Linear Light in the first part of the series. In this article I’ll add some more that might be interesting for photographers. For one particular blend mode there is a separate third part, beause it is rather complicated and frequently used: Soft Light. […]

  • Frequency Separation

    Frequency Separation

    Recently I found an interesting article on frequency separation on the Fstoppers’ pages that made me curious about this method. Seems to be pretty much standard now for beauty retouching. I learned something, but the article left me with unsanswered questions: Why is Linear Light the correct blend mode for rejoining the two layers created […]